InQuest Issue 1, May 1995 (Part 2)

This week we wrap up all the first issues with the second half of the first issue of InQuest! If you haven’t seen the first part, check it out. Thanks again to Greg (@oldschoolmtg) for lending me these magazines to show on the blog! You’ll be getting them back soon, I promise!

I just noticed I have some pages out of order in the first post. I’ll have to fix that.

I must issue a warning here because in this second half there are some price lists. Like always it’s heartbreaking. It will make you feel terrible about the amount you spent on whatever card you recently bought. But don’t worry, plenty of awesome stuff in here to balance it out! Right after the MTG price lists is a card list for a hilarious looking game called “Illuminati” to raise your spirits.

Without further ado, on to the magazine!



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