Inquest Issue 1, May 1995

Today we have another first issue of an old magazine and this one might actually be my favorite of all the magazines I’ve shown on here. There’s some super goofy stuff that made me laugh out loud. When I first got the package from Greg with the first issues of Duelist, Scrye, and Inquest, I judged them by their covers and saw Inquest as the least of all three. I judged it because on the cover is a sexy vampire. Fantasy and horror stuff is full of sexy vampires I feel like. I’m not into sexy vampires but I think a lot of people are. It’s just cheesy to me but not in a good way. However, judging this magazine by the cover is a mistake because it’s awesome.

I’m going to break this post up into two parts because there are a lot of pages. I think it’ll take way too long to load them all in one post so I don’t want to strain anyone’s bandwidth. Each post is about forty or so pages. Also, like the last magazine post, this is done using the camera on my iphone so the quality isn’t great. My scanner shit the bed so iPhone camera is all I have. It’s all still readable though. The modern age is great for life expectancy, medicine, technology, and pretty much everything else besides scanners and printers. Those are all bullshit.

Before I get to showing the first half I want to point out some of my favorite parts.


This Moss Monster Vegetarian deck. It seems like early on people caught on to the ridiculousness of Moss Monster. I mean he’s not totally an unplayable creature. He’s not great, but he’s not bad either. It’s just the fact that he’s a pile of moss with antlers. Anyways so they put together this awesome deck.

And then I was going to post my other favorite part of the magazine but I can’t seem to find it. Either I’m blind or senile. In my memory there was a letter someone wrote in asking for people to send him their Kird Apes because he wanted to cover his bedroom wall with them. Inquest labeled the letter as something along the lines of “Degeneration at its finest” or something. I flipped through the magazine a bunch of times trying to find it but couldn’t. I looked through the other magazines I’ve posted and it wasn’t there either. I remembered taking a picture of that page a while ago but the picture isn’t on my phone. Look below. If you guys see it in the mag let me know what page it’s on. Or if you know what I’m talking about let me know what it’s from. Or if no one knows what I’m talking about then we can agree I dreamt it or something. Or there was a glitch in the matrix.

Next week, part 2. Prepare yourself for the painful price guide that we’ll see next week. Here’s a spoiler: the Alpha Black Lotus was valued at $200. Ouch!



4 thoughts on “Inquest Issue 1, May 1995

  1. Man, reading through this just reminded me how many crappy TCG’s were created in the mid-90’s trying to catch the wave Magic started. ALL of them failed! Even those with powerful licenses behind them Like Star Trek and Star Wars. Star Wars was probably the most successful, but Magic started it all and survived through the years.


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