Scrye #1

The Wizard’s Tower has been pretty quiet as of late. This has been one of the busiest summers of my entire life. Work, school, girlfriend = no time for blogging. Recently, however, school has ended. I was then hit with the flu real hard and pretty much slept for a week straight. When I say I was hit with the flu, it was the real flu. I barely ate, I couldn’t stay awake for long, and I had no energy to even do simple things.

Anyways, today we have the first issue of Scrye. I tried to scan it but only was able to get the cover scanned – which took about fifteen minutes. Pretty sure my scanner has the flu because it’s become pretty much useless. I have used my phone instead.

Below I’m going to post each page in order and you can read through it. There is some awesome stuff in here. You will learn about an “annoyingly effective” deck which consisted of only Flying Men, Unstable Mutations, and Islands. Nothing Else. You’ll also learn why Celestial Prism is a “hot” card. You’ll also read about one player’s bold claim that Magic “has even surpassed UNO.” You’ll also learn that at the time of the magazine’s release, a high price value for an Alpha Black Lotus was a whopping $25.

So now that school is done for me here’s what to expect in the next couple of weeks: Next week there’s a great guest post and the week after that I have scans of issue one of InQuest which has some awesome deck lists.

Like Duelist issue one, this issue of Scrye has been lent to me by Greg (@oldschoomtg on Instagram). Thanks, Greg!

Now let’s time travel back to the wild west of Magic in June of 1994! Enjoy!


Scrye cover


4 thoughts on “Scrye #1

  1. The MtG miniatures at the ad near the end are interesting – didn’t know they existed. They even made miniatures for non-creature cards like Dark Ritual and Crusade lol


  2. Thanks for sharing! But you should definitely preface such posts with price lists with a warning “not for the faint of heart” 😀


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