A Quick Note on Some Inconsistencies.

Between my blog posts and my Instagram posts I’ve talked a lot about my experience of learning about Magic for the first time as a young kid. Looking back at both the blog and Instagram posts I noticed I’ve been inconsistent as to the year of my first Magic exposure. In some posts I claimed it was the summer of 94 and other posts I claimed it was the summer of 95.

So which year was it?

I have no idea.

I did a little investigating because getting my story straight is important to me. It’s important simply because I want to be correct and consistent but also because this experience that I constantly reference is the reason why I’m obsessed with 93/94 Magic.

It doesn’t really matter whether it was 1994 or 1995 but i’m going to pick one and stick with it just for the sake of consistency.

As I’ve mentioned in various other places, I was exposed to Magic at the age of 6 or 7 at my family’s beach house by a couple of older kids who hung around there. I would ask them for some cards every time I saw them and they would always give me some. I collected cards from them over the course of 2 – 3 years. I still have all the cards they gave me.

The first cards I received were Revised…I assume. The majority of the cards from them are Revised. I also have quite a few Fallen Empires cards from them, but also one card from The Dark, one from Homelands, one from Ice Age, and one from Alliances.

Revised was printed from April of 1994 to April of 1995 and were widely available until some time in 1996. This is according to Wikipedia.  So this makes my first exposure either in 94 or 95 equally as plausible. I can safely assume I received the Fallen Empires cards in 1995 since the set was released at the end of the year in 1994. I only saw the kids that had the cards in the summers.

Since the bulk of the cards I have from them are Revised I think it’ most likely that I was given Revised cards throughout the summer of 1994 and then again in the summer of 1995 while also receiving Fallen Empires that same year.

As for the summer of 1996, well, I have much less cards from the later years from those kids. I think this could be because I ended up seeing them less and also I remember that right when Pokemon cards came out they moved on from Magic. Or they just gave me their old card in 96 and 97 while keeping their Alliances and Mirage cards.

So my decision is  I’m going to go with the summer of 1994 as my first exposure to Magic. This would mean I was 6 years old at the time of receiving my first cards. From now on when referencing this experience, I’ll say it happened in 1994.

I may be wrong but whatever.

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