Some More Unique Decks

A little while back I did a post where I showed a few decks from around the internet that I thought where noteworthy for various reasons. Decks that attract me tend to be unique decks – decks that don’t necessarily fall under one of the typical archetypes or is a new take on one of the archetypes. So let’s take a look at some more decks!

Luke Ailanjian’s BG berserk

This deck was made by Luke Ailanjian and was used at the Old School tournament at Eternal Weekend 2016. Black and green are not colors I see together often unless there’s a third or fourth color in there. It has elements of a typical mono black like Juzam, Hypnotic Specter, Sengir Vampire, and Dark Ritual, but the green brings in a pretty cool mix to the deck. I think it has the potential to be incredibly powerful. Picture this opening hand: Black Lotus, Juzam, two Berserks, two green mana sources, and the seventh could be anything. Turn one you land (forest), Lotus, Juzam and pray your opponent doesn’t play Swords to Plowshares before you get to attack. Turn two you put down another green mana source and play the two Berserks. If there’s nothing to block and nothing gets countered, that’s twenty damage going through on the second turn.

What are the chances you get that opening hand and nothing gets countered or Swords’d? Maybe five percent? I don’t know. But it’s probably not a safe win condition. If the deck worked like that say, even sixty percent of the time, it probably wouldn’t be that fun winning on the second turn. I bet the four Avoid Fates are most likely in the deck to try to prevent the Swords and Counterspells. It’s probably a good call. I feel like my Juzams are more often destroyed before I get to use them.

Chris Mason’s mono red artifacts

This is Chris Mason’s deck from the New England area. He came to the last meet up with us at Granfanally’s. Unfortunately I didn’t get to play against him so I didn’t get see this deck in action. He tweeted this picture a couple of weeks ago and when I saw it, I saved it. It’s a pretty awesome looking deck. You can follow him at @MasonsMTGDeals. It has the typical red burn cards like Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and Fireball but his creatures are mainly Su-Chis and Juggernauts. I recently put together a mono green deck that was a similar. I used artifact creatures and then a bunch of green staple cards.

I see mono red goblin decks occasionally but I don’t think I’ve seen a mono red artifact deck. If you’ve read any other posts here, you’ll know that I have a thing for mono colored decks. I can’t really answer why. I just really like them.This deck is no exception. Su-Chi and Juggernaut are some of the most usable creatures in Old School. Mixed with all the burn spells he has, it looks like this deck can dish out some serious damage. There’s also plenty of potential to get a Jugs or Su-Chi out on the first turn too.

Mark Rosewater’s deck used at the 1994 World Championships.

This past week @oldschoolmtg posted this deck on Instagram. It’s a recreation of Mark Rosewater’s deck that he brought to the World Championships in 1994. @oldschoolmtg also posted the article from Wizards that he got the decklist from so I’ll post it here as well since it’s worth reading. When I saw this deck on Instagram the other day, I knew right away I was going to post it in this blog post. I just looks super fun to play.

The first thing I noticed was the four Concordant Crossroads and I thought four was a bit over doing it. Four is a lot for Crossroads but the motive of this deck is to get those creatures out as fast as possible and swing with pump ups. Another thing is getting out Elves and Birds and using their mana right away too. All four Crossroads won’t be used but it’s to have a higher chance of getting one as early as possible in the game – ideally on turn one. Also between Recall and Regrowth, Timewalk could really be abused here.

I’m going to copy this deck as close as I can and try it out. I don’t have all the cards here. I don’t have any Power yet, no duals, and I only have one Crossroads so I may whip up some sharpie proxies. We’ll see.

In other news, if you want to see tons more 93/94 decks on a regular basis, go and follow @9394mtgdecks on Instagram. It’s a pretty awesome and unique idea: tag him in your own post of your deck or use the hashtag #9394mtgdecks or just send it as a DM and he’ll re-post it. He just started a couple weeks ago and he’s already posted a ton of decks.

5 thoughts on “Some More Unique Decks

  1. Black and green is really a nice combination; it feels good to play and looks great. Nice deck you posted up the top there.

    On more or less the same topic, I built an Old School Enchantress deck in B/G in 2014 that used Elves of Deep Shadow, Verduran Enchantress, Unholy Strength, Nether Void, Sylvan Library, etc. The full decklist is on MG’s Old School blog somewhere…

    Mid-game this B/G Enchantress deck picked up speed really fast: sometimes I found myself playing two or three enchantments per turn and drawing multiple cards from them. Tragically, half the cards got burned to ashes in a fire and the other half got lost in a hospital’s property department. If only Ultra Pro made fireproof sleeves with tracking devices on them, I’d still have it 🙂

    I’ve started a new blog on called The Enchanted Forest, specifically to do with Monoblack deck creation and gameplay. Find it at if you’re interested (and send me an email if you like, there’s a form at the bottom of the page). I saw a game between David Firth Bard and David Chambers on Twitch; Chambers was playing an interesting build of Monoblack that won three games in a row.

    Anyway, great blog! Keep us updated!

    – LC


    1. Ah that’s terrible! Losing your cards I mean. That’s a fear of mine actually. A couple times a week while at I’m at work I will randomly think about the fact that it’s possible that something could happen and my house could burn down and then I would lose my cards.
      So many expensive cards that I’ve slowly bought and decks that I’ve slowly built. And that’s awesome about your blog, I’ll definitely check that out!
      I heard about David Chambers’ monoblack deck. It looks pretty awesome. It’s a pretty unique build and it seemed to do really well. A lot of cards that you don’t see very often.


  2. My eyes are bad. Is there a Decklist for that Black Green deck? Can’t seem to identify the topmost Right green cards


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