Appreciations, Announcements, and Some Dead Guy Ale.

So far this blog has totally exceeded my expectations. I really only thought each post would only get a few views but that has not been the case. I’ve had the help of others and I’m grateful for it. There’s a lot of great dudes in the 93/94 community and they all seem to promote each other. It makes me glad to be a part of it!

In addition to the blog, i’ve met some awesome guys on Instagram too. @oldschoolmtg has by far one of the best collections of cards out there that i’ve seen. Also a really great dude so go follow him. You’ll learn a lot more about Magic theory from him than me in addition to seeing cooler cards than what I post. In the earlier days of my ‘gram he gave me a shoutout so I owe him!

Some of the other great guys and great Old School Magic Instagram accounts are @kindgrindshmups, @southwestwizard, @mtgcuriosities…i know there’s more. If I missed you, I’m sorry! Anyways, these guys also have better cards than I do and have also been playing longer than me. If you haven’t already, go follow them to learn more about 93/94. You’ll thank me later. And you’ll be checking Instagram first thing every morning even before you get your coffee.


Moving on to the blog world, Mg mentioned The Wizard’s Tower blog in a recent post over at the Old School blog. I’ve had a pretty steady stream of visitors coming over from his site since then. Thanks Mg! It’s greatly appreciated.

Chances are if you’re here you already regularly read his blog since most of you have gotten here from there or Reddit. If by any chance you got here from my Twitter which I believe like maybe 4 people have in total, go check out the Old School blog and bookmark it right now. He regularly posts tournament reports and they’re awesome. He always posts pictures of the top winning decks which is great for deck building inspiration. It’s also awesome to see decks and be like, “that deck made the top 8??!! Awesome! I would have never thought about building that sort of deck!” You’ll become a better player from reading his blog. For the rest of you, you already know that. Aside from tournament reports, his posts are always super interesting.

Another awesome blog that I want to bring up is Understanding Ancestral Recall. Danny’s latest post is called Archetype Primer: Prep for Eternal Weekend 2016 and it goes over all the different types of decks one might encounter at the Old School event at Eternal Weekend coming up in October. Regardless if you’re going or not, the article is incredibly informative on the different types of Old School decks in general. If you’re new to Old School definitely check it out as everything is explained as if a beginner were to read it. I barely know what I’m talking about so it was great for me.

Again, I really appreciate all the people within the community. Really great dudes who all share a love for old Magic cards.

Moving on to some other things; there’s a small 93/94  group meeting up at GP Providence in Rhode Island on Saturday October, 22. I’ll be there so if you’re also a New Englander you definitely should come. As of right now there are 4 people, including me, confirmed. There’s a Facebook page for it here where you can see the details.

I was informed through a comment on an earlier post that there’s also a small 93/94 group forming in the Boston area which I am also now a part of. There’s a Facebook page for that too which you can see here. So if you’re in the Boston area and want to toss some Oldschool, join up.

Another new group is one I formed and it’s up and running right now on It’s the Manchester Old School 93/94 Magic group and you can get to it here. I hesitated for a while to start it because you have to pay monthly to have a group page on the site. Last week they had a 50% off sale so I succumbed to their advertising and they have some of my money now. Hopefully it went towards some guy’s Rolls Royce collection.

Oh, and to clarify since there are international readers, the group is in Manchester, New Hampshire in the U.S. No Old Trafford here. Technically Manchester is in the Boston area but it can be hard to get in and out of the city depending on the time of day so I’m attempting to get a local group in case I can’t make it down to Boston. So if you just happen to be an Old School southern New Hampshire dweller, then it would awesome if you joined!

What else is new?

How to punish your opponent for Ancestral Recall

I have some new acquisitions this week. I bought a playset of Underworld Dreams and, possibly one of the most exciting purchases of my life, a Library of Alexandria which is the closest thing to any of the Power 9 that I will own for a while. I can’t wait to try it out.

It would be great to be able to use a playset of Libraries to up the chances of drawing one on the opening hand but, man, I’m glad I only have to buy one. Restrictions are good for that! I’m still dreading the money I have to spend to finish my Juzam Djinn playset. All in good time though.

It hasn’t come in yet but I’ll be sure to show it off once it does.

Those Alpha Sinkholes I was worried about being to good to be true ended up being real. I wrote about them in the last post. Maybe they weren’t actually good enough to be too good to be true. Either way, I’m pumped to be able to destroy lands for only BB with some pimp black bordered round edge goodness. They went right into my black deck.

How many lands have these bad boys destroyed since 1993?

Speaking of my black deck, it’s no longer mono-black. It has white in it now. I wrote a whole post about the deck then decided to deconstruct it. Why do such things happen?? I added playsets of Swords to Plowshares and Disenchant and also a Balance. I decided to add a playset of Underworld Dreams as well. I think the deck is better with all this change. I think the changes have technically turned it into a Dead Guy Ale deck. Whatever it is, it’s even more fun to play than before. I can’t wait to bring it to one of the meet ups.

Really could use some dual lands but it’s still a lot of fun!

If you’re wondering why I only have one City of Brass in the deck it’s because I only own one City of Brass. I don’t have any duals yet so I’m stuck with the basics. The way it is now certainly needs some work but it does the trick. And what I mean by it does the trick is that it’s fun as hell. By adding the Swords and Disenchants, theoretically, the deck now seems to have an answer to almost anything that an opponent may cast. And since I have white mana available now I can’t leave out Balance. Playing Balance is always so satisfying. Definitely one of my favorite cards.

To conclude this post, there’s a lot going on in the Old School Magic world. Even locally here in New England thanks to myself and some other people who dig the Old School format. I’m super excited to do all these meetups and toss around Old School cards with new people!

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