Getting Into the New/Old Format

Last spring, I got really into the “Old School” or “93/94” format for Magic: The Gathering. It’s been quite a fun (but expensive) journey. I’ve gone from years of very casual dabbling in the game to a total Magic obsession. Just playing the game with friends occasionally wasn’t enough.  I made an Instagram account dedicated to my collecting. I didn’t do it for a bunch of followers. I did it more for me to be able to take pictures of my cards and write little blurbs about them. Just a fun thing. And it has indeed been super fun. I look forward to posting every day. I was blown out of the water when I actually got followers. People other than me like old Magic cards? There’s also a little community of Oldschool players on Instagram. They’re all really cool guys.

Like my Instagram, this blog will probably mostly be for my own fun. A sort journal that I can put pictures in and won’t take up space in real life. However, getting readers will certainly make it more fun. I’d love to connect with other people who love the Oldschool format. This blog will most likely be a bit of an extension from my Instagram. Here I’ll be able to go into further detail about the thoughts that I don’t have enough room to write out on Instagram. Also I’ll probably write about any other Magic related things on my mind. In the fall, I’m starting a MeetUp group for Oldschool Magic here in New Hampshire so I’ll probably write about how that goes if it goes at all. I would love to start an Oldschool Magic community here.

Is there even anyone in New Hampshire that plays the Oldschool format? I guess we’ll see when I start the group. I’m waiting to start it until the cold sets in. Up here in the northeast we turn into a frozen ice hell for about 3 – 4 months. If you don’t plan things right, it’s easy to make angry your new happy without meaning to. Especially when every morning you have to wake up to your car being encapsulated in ice. Once spring hits up here we all realize we’ve been angry for the previous couple of months and it was so regular that we didn’t notice it. Anyways, I think a 93/94 community can help get through those months.

This post doesn’t have much substance to it as it’s more just some rambling. I figured it would be a good introduction to the blog if anyone happens to stumble across it. Really though, I just want to post something to see what it looks like and mess around with the design. As I mentioned above, the blog will probably sort of mirror my Instagram but provide further details to things I’m posting. Though I don’t think that will totally be the case as I post pictures every day and I won’t be updating the blog every day. I’m going to commit to weekly posts instead. Only time will tell the path that the blog takes. That was the case with the Instagram. I had a bunch of posts planned at the beginning and I ended up using hardly any of them.

I probably won’t go too deep into theory or deck tech as I’m a new player who has never seen any of the power nine in real life. However, I’ll go into theory and deck tech on my own decks. Besides that, I’ll probably also post about anecdotes related to Magic. As of this moment, next week’s post will be about why I play 93/94 Magic but was too young in 1993 or 1994 to play Magic.

Also, I just have to point out, my tagline at the top is incredibly pretentious: musings on my journey into the 93/94 Magic:the Gathering format. But how do you describe your blog without sounding pretentious? I suppose the very action of writing a blog is pretentious!

5 thoughts on “Getting Into the New/Old Format

  1. Hi! I’m following you on Instagram and I like so much your blog initiative. It’s good to read more about your Magic story.
    I’m from Spain and I’m not playing Old School because I don’t have enough cards of the 93/94 editions but I’m trying to start to collect some cards and make a deck. Regards!


  2. Hey I just started playing too. I live down in Boston and were looking for more local people to join and meet up with. We have a facebook group, Boston Old School Magic 93/94. You should join the page and maybe work out a meet up some time. There is another New Englander who is trying to set up a MeetUp for GP Providence in October


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